Overcoming Obstacles Associated with Healthy Eating



There are two main challenges that many people face when trying to implement a healthy eating-plan. The biggest obstacle is the expense associated with natural foods, and the second is the busyness of life, which makes meal planning and preparation difficult. Good news: both of these encumbrances are easily overcome!  

True, healthy, natural foods are more expensive than unhealthy, processed alternatives. However, when you look at a budget as a whole, healthy eating can actually save a great deal of money over time. Before changing my eating habits, I spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits and medications. Now, these expenses are obsolete. Frequent drive-thru visits add up quickly. I spend less on homemade meals.

Supplements can be pricey, but they are well worth the cost. My protein powder is about sixty dollars, but lasts for two months. It is expensive to stock up on supplements and vitamins, but once you do, the monthly expense become very reasonable.

You can make healthy dinners for a reasonable price, just by implementing a few substitutions. Let’s say that you enjoy homemade burgers and fries; there is a healthy alternative! Purchase leaner hamburger or turkey burger. Instead of buns, use lettuce-wraps, and replace French fries with baked (homemade) sweet potato fries. You do not have to sacrifice price or taste.

The other difficulty that we must overcome is our hectic schedules. Life is busy! It seems much easier to run to a fast-food restaurant than to enjoy a healthy alternative. There is a solution: meal planning and preparation. It sounds harder than it really is. Start by picking a certain day and time (I prefer Sunday evenings), and block out about an hour (max). The trick is to cook several lunches at once. I like to grill a combination of fish (tilapia and salmon), turkey burger, steak, and/or chicken. I then cook a few veggies, such as asparagus or broccoli. I separate the meat and veggies into several different meals in Tupperware containers and refrigerate them. Next, I measure out my supplements.

I have a great lunch box that holds several meals and all of my supplements. It keeps foods cold for up to eight hours. In the mornings, I choose a meal and take it with me, along with a protein bar, Greek yogurt, or other healthy snack. It is just as easy to warm up my meals, as it is to go grab something. Because I purchase and cook in bulk, it ends up being cheaper as well. Bringing healthy snacks and protein powder, helps me resist the temptation of grabbing a candy bar or other sugary treat.

Remember, anything worth having is worth working for! Changing an eating-plan seems overwhelming at first, but it quickly becomes second nature. Would you rather spend your money and time on nutrition or doctor visits, various medical bills, and prescriptions? It is not a hard decision for me.


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