As I sit in my new office, preparing to lead an amazing church, I can’t help but marvel as I consider the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. I am amazed at His perfect timing and the way that He has orchestrated my life to prepare my family for such a time as this! God has used my past experiences— victories and defeats, good choices and bad ones— to help mold me into who I am today (and He continues to do so). He was working in and through even the most chaotic and seemingly insignificant times of my life. We see God’s hand at work in this way throughout the Scriptures.

Take the book of Genesis: In the midst immorality, hatred, disobedience, jealousy, murder, and a slew of other sins, one can’t help but wonder how God could possibly be at work through such a mess. However, we come to the first chapter of our New Testament, and find the lineage of Christ. It is nothing short of miraculous to see how God was working through the chaos in Genesis, using the good, bad, and the ugly, to prepare the way for His Son. Some of the people and events that seemed insignificant, were contrarily of great significance.

The Bible says “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) This couldn’t be more evident in my life. There are seasons which seemed inconsequential to the call God had placed on me; yet, I know now, that all of these things have been used to shape, mature, train, and establish me.

God used my experience in customer service to interact with people of multiple ages, cultures, and world views. Through my jobs working with computers, I learned how to utilize technology in ministry. At iSTAM Computer Services, I gained an understanding of how to manage people and acquired marketing, graphic design, and leadership skills. Then, in each associate pastoral position, I was privileged to learn different aspects of ministry. Had I taken a lead pastor position years ago, I would have fallen flat on my face. I am thankful that I waited on God to open the right door at the right time. I have by no means arrived, nor am I capable of accomplishing anything without the help and guidance of God, but I feel prepared.

I am thankful for the seasons of life that at one time seemed insignificant. Though I couldn’t see it then, God was teaching, training and developing me, using victories and defeats, joy and pain, to prepare me for what was ahead.

I want to encourage those reading this post; you may be in a season that seems insignificant. Enjoy today, and learn everything you can. Don’t let past mistakes stop you from pursuing God’s will for your life. Submit to God, and relish in His love, as He puts the pieces together for His plan and purpose for you life. To God be the glory!

Cheering You On,



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  1. Praying much for you as you magnify Christ, preach Christ, share Christ, and look for Christ! The Gospel changes everything!!

  2. Enjoyed your commentary and the way the Lord has lead you throughout your life. I am awed at things that have happened and the way that you have stood obedient in the trials. We all have discouraging things that happen, and some that you think will never end, but praise the Lord He is faithful. I have failed in many ways to have a daily close walk, but the Lord is present always, and is a encouragement and help in time of trouble. I pray that I will be true to his hand on me, and that others see Christ the way that I live. We are so proud of our family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, the Lord has been so good to us and we are so thankful.

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